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Parent training is provided to all Milestones Families. Raising a child with developmental delays requires a different approach. Milestones offers a variety of parent training options that will help you learn how to respond to problem behavior and how to teach your child the skills that they are missing.

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Parent participation is essential to any ABA program. At Milestones, we require that parents participate in a minimum number of parent trainings while offering additional training times. We offer monthly group parent training and one on one parent training in our clinic, in your home, or in the community. It is our goal to help the child and the family enjoy everyday activities together.

4 Benefits of Parent Training Sessions

Taking parent training sessions will not only help you raise your child, but it will also strengthen your bond. During your sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Implement consequences for challenging behaviors
  2. Set up effective reward systems
  3. Teach during naturally occurring opportunities
  4. Increase compliance with daily living skills
We provide training on behavioral strategies that you can use at home and in the community. These strategies will help you to manage challenging behaviors, teach new skills, and help to ensure that newly learned skills occur across environments. Parental involvement is a critical component of the services provided by Milestones.

Parent Support is key at Milestones

Parent training sessions also provide you with support. During our group parent training sessions, parents are able to discuss their challenges with other parents who have experienced similar situations. Also, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work closely with parents to monitor the progress of the behaviors that are being taught at home.

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