Clinic Based Services

Clinic based services focus on early developmental milestones and daily living skills. Students attend this program for 35 hours per week. Each student has an individualized curriculum and works one-on-one with Registered Line Technicians.

Clinic based services focus on meeting early and intermediate milestones:

Reach out to us today to learn more about EIBI. We encourage you to be as involved as possible during your child’s therapy sessions.

Verbal Behavior
  • Functional communication
  • Following instructions
  • Expressive language
  • Conversational skills
Adaptive Skills
  • Managing down time
  • Expanding appropriate activities
  • Time management
Reduction of Challenging Behavior
  • Aggression
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Property destruction
  • Tantrums
  • Non-compliance
Play & Social Skills
  • Gross and fine motor imitation
  • Independent leisure skills
  • Interactive play with peers
  • Reading social cues
  • Initialing and responding to social cues
  • Community outings

Early Intervention

Early Intervention has a focus on meeting early developmental milestones with sessions primarily held in our one-on-one classrooms. This individual and comprehensive program allows for a high presentation of targeted skills. Early language skills, play skills, social skills, and adaptive skills are the focus of this program in addition to the reduction of problematic behaviors. The foundational skills for group learning are introduced in our early intervention program.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Programs continues intensive ABA services but with an increased focus on school readiness skills. Students in this program spend more time in the group classroom setting. Intermediate language, social, and play skills are addressed in this program. Classroom routines, behavior management systems, and observational learning are introduced. Once the student reaches a certain criterion, services are transitioned to the school setting.

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