Give Your Child One On One Support In School

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Does your child have a difficult time learning in school? Reach out to Milestones Behavioral Services to see if they can help! A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will work with you child’s teacher to manage behavior, facilitate interactions with peers, and utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) when teaching. One of our registered line technicians may accompany your child at school to prompt and reinforce target behaviors. School shadowing services are primarily provided in the private school and day care settings.

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How can a school shadow help your child?

How can a school shadow help your child?

School shadows teach the child how to learn in a group. They will support the classroom teacher by prompting and reinforcing the behaviors that your child needs to be independent in the classroom We’ll help them

  • Follow the teacher’s instructions
  • Develop their social skills
  • Adjust and stick to classroom routines
  • Become independent in school
Experience peace of mind about your child’s learning experience. Get in touch with us today to see if your child is eligible for a school shadow.